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"Thank you so much Acoustic Ohio for all that you do for all Ohio artists (including yourself), AND all the artists who are in the trenches at open mics, stages and every corner in bars, coffee shops, and wineries! We are one big happy family!"
Seth Ohm
"Thank You Acoustic Ohio for all your support !!"
Sugarcreek Acoustic Duo
"Super Fantastic Site! Thank you for all the Support of keeping Acoustic Music Alive & Rockin! Thanks A Bunch!"
AJ Angelo
“If you want to know what's going on with acoustic music in Ohio, check out”
The Winchester, Promotions, The Winchester Music Hall
“Acoustic Ohio is a great way to get the word out for upcoming gigs and other musical activities.... I use it whenever I've got a show or am looking for a night out."
Marty Kubilus, one-third of "Plays Well with Some"
“Acoustic Ohio is a priceless resource to the Northern Ohio folk and bluegrass music community. They have done a wonderful job of attacting viewers and posters alike. Posting my gigs on Acoustic Ohio usually results in putting bodies in the room for the show. And it's FREE! What a great public service.”
Jim Schafer
“Acoustic Ohio is a great business and website that draws attention to our local music talent. As a proud supporter of local musicians and artists, I love the idea of Acoustic Ohio's website where show and performance details are offered to the public for free!”
Chelsea Engle, Account Executive, FireStation Duplication
“Great website on letting you know Acoustic Artists gigging in Ohio. Very supportive. Great venue list too!”
Victor Samalot
“I've used Acoustic Ohio for advertising gig's in Ohio for free. Great networking tool.”
David Nicholson

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